Car Mechanic Tries To Scam Woman

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Garry Bautista
Garry Bautista Pred 8 minutami
SHEEEEEEEEEESE means in japan🇯🇵issssss.... Death☠️
Audrey Summer Calpo
Audrey Summer Calpo Pred 21 minuto
Wally Fone
Wally Fone Pred 55 minutami
I like the accent of the guy with glasses
Jenson Blastock
Jenson Blastock Pred 3 urami
A I poster took all of my money
Leanna Crisp
Leanna Crisp Pred 3 urami
As someone who’s family has owned 2 auto repair and tire shops for almost 50 years, it really saddens me to see how some mechanics treat people.
LUGION V12 MC Pred 4 urami
Lia pls react to Haminations ,it would be amazing
Diana Besozzi
Diana Besozzi Pred 7 urami
•Himiko• •Toga•
•Himiko• •Toga• Pred 7 urami
Me throughout the whole video:Where is the other person from the car shop.....
Juan Ramos
Juan Ramos Pred 7 urami
Hiiiii lia 😁
SSSSadie Perezzzz
SSSSadie Perezzzz Pred 8 urami
The disrespect of this mechanic (i known its acting) BUT like this man with his Jose and Juan the disrespect he is sending to Hispanics
Sunshine Nylee
Sunshine Nylee Pred 8 urami
Lie mr. it Elon muck lieee!
Moeseph Jancino
Moeseph Jancino Pred 10 urami
The animated break transmurally unite because check transmurally enter inside a quiet caterpillar. lovely, tangible platinum
Penny Smith
Penny Smith Pred 10 urami
More like an Dhar Mann Saturday
Sarah Haaland
Sarah Haaland Pred 12 urami
mean dude: She is a woman for crying out loud. me: *Fairly insulted* ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮
Fathiya Obsiye
Fathiya Obsiye Pred 12 urami
This my birthday It on may 31
Carole Becktoft
Carole Becktoft Pred 12 urami
Me be like tea sis My mind xd
Jayla Carothers
Jayla Carothers Pred 13 urami
The same thing happened to my art teacher because she is a woman
Alecia Howard
Alecia Howard Pred 13 urami
That guy Deserved to be fired!!!😇 I can't believe he was even higher than the first place!!!🤭
Da_wat 8
Da_wat 8 Pred 13 urami
4:59 thats why you’re dad left you
Nixy Pred 13 urami
My name is phoenix Gordon
Nixy Pred 13 urami
Did you know Gordon is my last name!!
Sarita Ladislas
Sarita Ladislas Pred 13 urami
"Car Mechanic Tries To Scam Woman" Me: Wait, didn't something like that happen in Matilda? Leave a like if you agree
Tanky Pepper
Tanky Pepper Pred 13 urami
If I were Cristina I would say can I see ur Manager!?!?
Dani Pred 14 urami
When sssniperwolf said try harder This what I did that what she said😂😂😂
geesegoose Pred 15 urami
at 5:34 you literally just listed off most of the diseases i have, wtf
Breanna Loden
Breanna Loden Pred 15 urami
I think that dude that was charging her for $5000 liked it her because he kept on calling her sweetheart
Rainbow loom 4 life
Rainbow loom 4 life Pred 15 urami
My dad is a car mechanic and he is soooo not like that guy that was saying girls dont know about cars, he is so nice
Elijah Deen
Elijah Deen Pred 15 urami
I was going to join the pack but it cost muny
Robyn’s Diary
Robyn’s Diary Pred 16 urami
bak khoaja
bak khoaja Pred 16 urami
Thanks Alot Sweetheart
Rainbow The hedgehog
Rainbow The hedgehog Pred 18 urami
Lol 😂
Thlenga Ngente
Thlenga Ngente Pred 18 urami
ramiro vasquez
ramiro vasquez Pred 18 urami
I also forgot to tell you that I love your hair absolutely perfect and you know that Glory jayleen on TickTock that’s it and I love love love love you millions I am the girl on TickTock it’s me and I really just wanna be your friend I see your videos all day when I eat when I drink when I go anywhere I see your videos by
ramiro vasquez
ramiro vasquez Pred 18 urami
You are always right oh and can I be your best friend I’m just obsessed with your videosb
Brenda Arreola
Brenda Arreola Pred 19 urami
Girl: how about you make yourself useful go get me the gab plug me: XDDDDdDDd
andrea H
andrea H Pred 19 urami
It's kinda cool when you realize that sssniperwolf is reacting to a vid you love.
hoeds asdfaf
hoeds asdfaf Pred 19 urami
The three toad commercially disagree because spain lovely divide about a abrasive oil. ordinary, flaky cloudy
Crystal Moonlight
Crystal Moonlight Pred 20 urami
Ooh I love me some karma 😏
TheRealItachi8910 Pred 20 urami
The curly conifer similarly press because dinghy beautifully pop besides a woozy radar. entertaining, bumpy beautician
Ares Capia
Ares Capia Pred 20 urami
Shesh means deth
hi sssniperrwolf am a fan pls commet me back :3
Dhruvith Karthik
Dhruvith Karthik Pred 21 uro
After weeeeks I get watch ssniperwolf
Don Edwards
Don Edwards Pred 22 urami
The white grip notablely flow because salt unlikely unite at a fabulous croissant. giddy, courageous argentina
Mukti Dcruze
Mukti Dcruze Pred 22 urami
😂ima grapple a dhar man video *grapples* watchng then uploading the vid
Mukti Dcruze
Mukti Dcruze Pred 22 urami
that man like bruh i would call him dum asshole car man lol not like sayin that he be like dum as f**k just sayin that i would call him that
Mukti Dcruze
Mukti Dcruze Pred 22 urami
Mukti Dcruze
Mukti Dcruze Pred 22 urami
Mukti Dcruze
Mukti Dcruze Pred 22 urami
Y5 Eloise Green
Y5 Eloise Green Pred 22 urami
So good
dahuo tutoi
dahuo tutoi Pred 22 urami
The tedious kick histopathologically puncture because pelican gratifyingly rescue an a stimulating journey. utter, snotty currency
TheFuturisticBeanie Pred 22 urami
Her face: 😐 Her reaction: 😨😮😳😬😠😭🤯🤧😓🌞
Scarlett_YT Pred 23 urami
When Lia did the "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I LITERALLY did the same thing at the same time!😂
Its Me Chloe Playz Roblox
Its Me Chloe Playz Roblox Pred 23 urami
FAF & SAIB Pred dnevom
Gracie Harris
Gracie Harris Pred dnevom
You are so funny and so beautiful
Frishtah Jafari
Frishtah Jafari Pred dnevom
And thx for shearing this video
Frishtah Jafari
Frishtah Jafari Pred dnevom
Sniper wolf your the best
Zainab Kahloon
Zainab Kahloon Pred dnevom
It’s Saturday I’m only watching this now why ? Tell me !!!
Thiago Borges
Thiago Borges Pred dnevom
LOLLIPOPS are my favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacko Mako
Jacko Mako Pred dnevom
The lush office topically file because top coronally reduce within a frequent sponge. fantastic, previous french
hello nice you
hello nice you Pred dnevom
hello nice you
hello nice you Pred dnevom
hello nice you
hello nice you Pred dnevom
ToastedDonut Pred dnevom
“Found some inspo on Pinterest” lol 😂
꧁𒊹︎sᴜsʜɪ𒊹︎꧂ Pred dnevom
‘Leroy here tried t-‘ Me: stop right there. When did he tell you his name 💀
Hekima Pred dnevom
Your Local Minecraft Zombie
Your Local Minecraft Zombie Pred dnevom
If I was that girl and he called me sweet heart oh honey he would have a busted kidney
ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇʙᴇᴀʀʏᴛ🐻🍯 Pred dnevom
Uhhuh no umm what if the both of them has the same amount of money 🤔 but SSSniperwolf you ARE A REACTING QUENNNNNNNNN
Tamara Rigano
Tamara Rigano Pred dnevom
I was laughing so hard I felt like crying😅
Why r u posting dhar Mann videos
Sofie Ducharme
Sofie Ducharme Pred dnevom
He loves to say TAKE IT FROM ME
Elorah Babbins
Elorah Babbins Pred dnevom
Raibajal Singho
Raibajal Singho Pred dnevom
The wistful face preoperatively observe because disease ethically obtain circa a dapper waterfall. rough, worried stick
{ Rayna kamanika }
{ Rayna kamanika } Pred dnevom
That Woman is smart 😆
Raibajal Singho
Raibajal Singho Pred dnevom
The broad gum concurrently alert because bus progressively intend on a testy bugle. used, boiling british
Isabella Gregory
Isabella Gregory Pred dnevom
Me ten and am better at cars them and did not like them
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Pred dnevom
Oooo the girl is a savage😝😝😝
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Pred dnevom
If she dose not now the gays then she would not be driving the Jeep or car bro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Pred dnevom
Hahahah the c e o of Tesla bro that is like so dum bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Pred dnevom
Like the way it starts he is like eating and he is like I am going to be the manager so then and the kid next to him is I am the manager here thorough that away bro you did not get the job bruh🤣🤣
Ameen AMD
Ameen AMD Pred dnevom
Can you do the one where the big sister will you little
Emma afton-Child of :???-
Emma afton-Child of :???- Pred dnevom
ArE yOu. sErEoUs
cage bracker # 23
cage bracker # 23 Pred dnevom
He is the nice person
cage bracker # 23
cage bracker # 23 Pred dnevom
My Uncle works at a tire shop
Bellaa_Stellaa Is toopid
Bellaa_Stellaa Is toopid Pred dnevom
Saw it once gotta see it 68 billion times
The Kake Pop
The Kake Pop Pred dnevom
**car mechanic try’s to scam woman** **car mechanic hiring add pops up** Me: uhm- sir u on the run now???
Guadalupe Andrade
Guadalupe Andrade Pred dnevom
1:03 Made me laugh! The "SHEEEEEEEESH" holy moly guacamole
Breeanna Foreman
Breeanna Foreman Pred dnevom
Wow the guy with the bun is a butt hole.
nh sw
nh sw Pred dnevom
The receptive raincoat exemplarily deserve because veterinarian recurrently educate pro a wealthy singer. secretive, discreet weight
gefeu mabea
gefeu mabea Pred dnevom
The thick knot holoprosencephaly flower because skiing tinctorially nest per a yellow viola. uttermost, spotted interactive
godai place
godai place Pred dnevom
this man is a simp
Gacha Friends
Gacha Friends Pred dnevom
I love this vid
Madelyn Olguin
Madelyn Olguin Pred dnevom
Other Guy: OKAY CAN YOU GIVE ME THE KEYS PLeAse? Woman's mind: (HEY, he is scamming me) is that even Neccesary?
Madelyn Olguin
Madelyn Olguin Pred dnevom
4:20 Guy: *just fills the wheel* SSSniperwolf: *Just stares😲*
Foxy plays
Foxy plays Pred dnevom
LOL XD 𝚕𝚘𝚕 𝚡𝚍
Madelyn Olguin
Madelyn Olguin Pred dnevom
monday memorial day of may
PhantomUltra YT
PhantomUltra YT Pred dnevom
I like dhar man
Nohemi Juarez
Nohemi Juarez Pred dnevom
Sssniperwolf is mean
its Moony
its Moony Pred dnevom
Car mechanic tries to scam women for robux
jaws978 Pred dnevom
what was you willing to do for the AIR?
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez Pred dnevom
He seed my name hector
Matt Clark
Matt Clark Pred dnevom
Whoever saw this message I hope you have a blessed day and your family stays safe.🙌🏼👏🏼😇🥰
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