Cool Things I Learned On Tik Tok

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Wolf Studios
Wolf Studios Pred 41 minuto
0:50 my toaster has that I was 9 when I found that out ;-;
An G
An G Pred 2 urami
Marishka Luebrecht
Marishka Luebrecht Pred 3 urami
Until I was nine years old I would only eat the pizzas from subway like I would physically not eat the sandwiches until my parents are in forcing me to
Murderous Rabbit
Murderous Rabbit Pred 3 urami
8:00 we really gotta explain this to you?
Jennifer Bruce
Jennifer Bruce Pred 4 urami
0:20 i did not know this! is this why I failed my driving license? Or is it because I crashed the car?
Rose Singleton
Rose Singleton Pred 4 urami
Toucans have seethrough, yes all of them
Snethemba MTHEMBU
Snethemba MTHEMBU Pred 5 urami
You didn't know the Netflix one (The last video)
Isabelle Collazo
Isabelle Collazo Pred 7 urami
The 3 camaras are for zooming in and zooming out when u zoom in it will swich camara but if u zoom out it will also switch camara.
lil_DV_smp Pred 7 urami
That battle royale makes me concerned what is that ever happened to Queen Elizabeth
Rochelle Kennel
Rochelle Kennel Pred 7 urami
Lia seeing the wolf scenes in twilight for the first time *Me: " hello , I'm a TwiHard and read all the books and seen the movies and watch all the bloopers and interviews along with the videos without Cgi... know that you know nerdiest part of me bu-bye"*
maia gonzalez
maia gonzalez Pred 8 urami
I just wanted to say that the camera thing is wrong if you are covering the first camera and you zoom out it will change to another and then try doing the same but zooming in
Jeremy Rudi
Jeremy Rudi Pred 8 urami
The bee ball of death ☠️💀
Charlotte Cornish
Charlotte Cornish Pred 9 urami
She said bread a burrito. But bread does fit in the toaster
CASSIEL ROSE Pred 9 urami
bluestillplayz Pred 10 urami
1:09 all toucans have clear skin. Also 1:58 his parents own the subway
Sky eagle
Sky eagle Pred 12 urami
JaJaDaGoat Pred 12 urami
if your wife dies through childbirth can you press charges on the baby
Constanca Rodrigues
Constanca Rodrigues Pred 13 urami
On the airplane one actually I've been to the front of one to help park!
Alexis Best Hotty
Alexis Best Hotty Pred 13 urami
The last one you just have to look up "interactive" on Netflix and it gives you more than that one movie.
Ennard Pred 14 urami
Hehe i have the xr they cant spy on me
lilly valentine
lilly valentine Pred 14 urami
let me walk of wilst i just go and NEVER eat again
Monique Brown
Monique Brown Pred 14 urami
Lmao next time I board a plane, I'm looking them dead in the eyes and saying, "I can't help y'all 🥲👌🏾"
Wendy Pease
Wendy Pease Pred 15 urami
Bread does fit in the toaster soo 👁👄👁
Rafaella Mosberg
Rafaella Mosberg Pred 16 urami
8:38 I knew that
Landon Burgess
Landon Burgess Pred 16 urami
The cameras are for the different perspectives .5, 1, and 2.5
due.dalsgaard Pred 17 urami
Me eating the same time as that Girl takes the swallow test me stop eating!
tamara sumner
tamara sumner Pred 17 urami
Bee balling look like a base ball like I can just go YEET
tamara sumner
tamara sumner Pred 17 urami
I never rotated my mattress what will happen
Abby O
Abby O Pred 17 urami
I had a subway pizza b4 and YUM OH MY GOD YUM BEST PIZZA EVER! ✨🤌✨
CBDragonOriginal Pred 18 urami
When I was watching this a add popped and it was sssniperwolf playing this game
Danae Roux
Danae Roux Pred 18 urami
The apple phone of the three cameras was one of the cameras is for the wide angle the second camera is for zoom in anthem third camera is for the normal so the are not unnecessary
HXNEYXQUEEN Pred 19 urami
Urs is faster
Rachael Cho
Rachael Cho Pred 19 urami
fun fact; the cutting paper trick can be used for aluminum foil also
Saimir Tesho
Saimir Tesho Pred 19 urami
Doo you have a poppet
HXNEYXQUEEN Pred 19 urami
9:43 everyone knew that
HXNEYXQUEEN Pred 19 urami
9:31 fly!?
Drizzt Z
Drizzt Z Pred 21 uro
Kriateano Small
Kriateano Small Pred 21 uro
Movies were like that
Layah Heslop
Layah Heslop Pred 22 urami
The last one I know
Courtney L
Courtney L Pred 22 urami
The three different cameras are for three different modes that apple added to the newer iPhones
Lilly Peters
Lilly Peters Pred dnevom
It’s not illegal and my dad said he would drop us off there but he’s just joking
Cardboard Cat
Cardboard Cat Pred 21 uro
Ok you’re new but she says “THATS ILLEGAL!” in almost every video
Blur Pred dnevom
the camras are normale wide and ultra wide
Mathias Radley
Mathias Radley Pred dnevom
Lia I am thinking about commiting suicide what do I do pls help
nene Pred dnevom
Hey it's milad
Katherine Evans
Katherine Evans Pred dnevom
the other camras are for the differnt mode
Jacob Fajardo
Jacob Fajardo Pred dnevom
Lit Steve
Lit Steve Pred dnevom
The hooks on a basket are for a bag
TomTheBomb's Tests
TomTheBomb's Tests Pred dnevom
2:05 *crusty crab pizza intensifies
That One Fan Girl ㋛
That One Fan Girl ㋛ Pred dnevom
react to "Perfectly Cut Screams" Please! :>
ava unicorn
ava unicorn Pred dnevom
This is a dumb question but I forgot is one of the black things on the phone for flashlight ,.
Sophia Johnson
Sophia Johnson Pred dnevom
8:08 there are different cameras for the zoom in so in one cam the zoom in it’s a different one like if you knew that
HODA Raffa
HODA Raffa Pred dnevom
How did Lia not know about the interact shows in netflex
Sapi12mini Pred dnevom
Itzizzy Afton
Itzizzy Afton Pred dnevom
1:18 me eating while watching the video:*spits out food *
PetL Days
PetL Days Pred dnevom
you know that bird with a hole? Well, it's not a hole. Those animals are built with transparent skin- how else with there be fur right there?
Leila and friends toys games and more
Leila and friends toys games and more Pred dnevom
Ur local rat
Ur local rat Pred dnevom
The plural word for moose is moose,
Cardboard Cat
Cardboard Cat Pred 21 uro
Quiette TM
Quiette TM Pred dnevom
her: i will never swallow agian... her agian: that pizza... me:👁👄👁
Elaine Coates
Elaine Coates Pred dnevom
The swallow test..... I'm eating 😳
Anonymous skater
Anonymous skater Pred dnevom
Good thing I have the 8se
1Nutulia1 _0nutulia0
1Nutulia1 _0nutulia0 Pred dnevom
am i just the only one that heard the hub in the intro..
Sheryl Foley
Sheryl Foley Pred dnevom
I have a popcorn ceilings
Frostyem 6586
Frostyem 6586 Pred dnevom
Toucan does not have a hole in him it’s transparent skin
Elisooo Pred dnevom
The series Black Mirror, It feels like its haunting me... I was a bit scared but I stopped watching it for a bit
MightyLionLovepreetSingh Pred dnevom
When she said di you see that the food went down I was yeah it goes down where do you think it should go up.
jayden peralez
jayden peralez Pred dnevom
0:44 I'm pretty sure toasters are made to be able to fit bread in it
Gaming With Matt
Gaming With Matt Pred dnevom
on 1:38 i was eating lol
Pelagic Seekers
Pelagic Seekers Pred dnevom
Did they not throw it aw man
Unicornlover_puppy01 Rp!
Unicornlover_puppy01 Rp! Pred dnevom
Did anyone know that subway makes pizzas or is it just me?
amit yoeli
amit yoeli Pred dnevom
For the last one WHAT IS THE MOVIE
Dragon YT
Dragon YT Pred dnevom
1:18 the food choked her
The W.O.H.
The W.O.H. Pred dnevom
Me eating crackers 😐🤢
Stoopie Poopie12
Stoopie Poopie12 Pred dnevom
Yet no credit
「 m i s t a k e 」
「 m i s t a k e 」 Pred dnevom
Subway manager lol
Hubby Playz
Hubby Playz Pred dnevom
7:58 the reason there are other cameras are for zooming out and zooming in.
Tomboy Pred dnevom
The slide: Weeeee
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane Pred dnevom
I was eating candy while watching that person swallowing on x-ray
Izzy Batiz
Izzy Batiz Pred dnevom
“What the F?” Propriate lvl 99
Shweta roy
Shweta roy Pred dnevom
Dmantallon Pred dnevom
1:00 toucans have see through skin
ilyDoodleBOB Pred dnevom
Sssniperwolf: reacting to the swallow test almost choking. Me: choking to
❄snowflake Stables
❄snowflake Stables Pred dnevom
No no that's not real there's no way he has ended that there's nowhere you can just see through his neck no way that bird Bill different if that's real there's just no way
Frances Tu
Frances Tu Pred dnevom
that is no a hole they just have clear skin 0:55
MakeUpBy LJ
MakeUpBy LJ Pred dnevom
It’s not a hole Leah😂 for the toucan has transparent skin😂😂😂
Kaelani Chauhan
Kaelani Chauhan Pred dnevom
Have you watched twilight.
Izaiah Moreno
Izaiah Moreno Pred dnevom
That I’ve known this ever since like five years ago and I’ve been like Bruh Busdin pizza
Fusion King
Fusion King Pred dnevom
I would’ve just thrown the Bee ball
Cardboard Cat
Cardboard Cat Pred 21 uro
No bees are precious
Carole Clark
Carole Clark Pred dnevom
You did not say that. You didn't know that Subway had pizza. I KNOWED THAT WHEN I FIRST HEARD OF SUBWAY. What rock have you've been living under.
Lily Riddagh
Lily Riddagh Pred dnevom
I’m Lucky not having popcorn ceilings
Neko the cat
Neko the cat Pred dnevom
Also the other cameras are for some stuff the i phone has is for enhance the image or make it look more far the thing she had it in neutral
พรรณี เจนกินส์
พรรณี เจนกินส์ Pred dnevom
Did you know the plural of moose is moose 🤯😳🥴
Cardboard Cat
Cardboard Cat Pred 21 uro
Everyone knows that but I prefer to say *MEESE*
Valerie Pred dnevom
Do you have a Genshin code? And can you make some Genshin Videos??
Amy McNamee
Amy McNamee Pred dnevom
Hi sssniper wolf today at school we were watching a video and everybody said sssniper wolf👍
Whitney Kucera
Whitney Kucera Pred dnevom
I'm a big fan I wish I could meet you but I can't because I live in Texas but I am a very very very very very very very big fan of you and I love playing video games just like you you're my inspiration to me 😘🌜
m:lda Pred dnevom
This is my theory on the apple camera thing one of the cameras is for like a normal photo the other is for zooming out and the third is for zooming in and thats why since the person wasnt zooming in or zooming out it didnt do anything
andrea H
andrea H Pred dnevom
Wow they not only commit suicide by stinging you but also commit homicide by killing their Queen. I care for bees but... They straight up savages.
Cade Harrison
Cade Harrison Pred dnevom
2:26 Sssniperwolf: wait you can do that? Me: wait you have trouble getting out contacts? My friend: you wear contacts?
Lloyd Nichols
Lloyd Nichols Pred dnevom
The third outrigger excitingly hover because party routinely blush aboard a acid bonsai. broad, thankful place
Isabella Jackson
Isabella Jackson Pred dnevom
8:00 bruh zoom out, and zoom in, they suddenly they become wide angle and ultra wide angle cameras-
Isabella Jackson
Isabella Jackson Pred dnevom
1:15 I had a stroke in Feb. of 2020 and they made me do the swallow test- this is not new to meh.
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