School Tik Toks That Are Actually Relatable

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♡☆the world of crazy qwin☆♡
♡☆the world of crazy qwin☆♡ Pred 2 minutami
My teacher did the word search prank on us like BOI
Loba Andrade
Loba Andrade Pred 4 minutami
Hello beautiful's. ꋊꋊ ♥
Charlie Moore élève
Charlie Moore élève Pred 10 minutami
Bełla Himikø
Bełla Himikø Pred 33 minutami
6:55 Me who had a very nice guy english teacher and a girl history teacher last year:👁👄👁
X RAT KID X Pred 42 minutami
You guys got ice packs. UK got wet paper towels
Thelilone 0009
Thelilone 0009 Pred 43 minutami
The last one was where I sit and I do turn in my works
Pred 48 minutami
I am the Perfect handwriting girl and the art girl~•~
Niki Wai
Niki Wai Pred uro
Megan Thurston
Megan Thurston Pred uro
I love your video s you are my hero
Tik Toks
Tik Toks Pred uro
5:09 yes I do indeed know who u are talking about bc I’m the one with the perfect handwriting in the class 😂
BethanyPlays Pred uro
With the D's and the Sheeessshhh one my class would go sheeeeeeessssssshhhhhhhh and with D's my class would burst out laughing
Rachel Pred 2 urami
I feel like its the loud ones who are smart and they end up screaming "YES" when they get an A in a test... But I guess I am a mix of loud and quiet(because I am smart😳)
Optical Rexis
Optical Rexis Pred 2 urami
5:42 my teacher did this to me
tea queen
tea queen Pred 2 urami
That's pretty accurate I sit in the back of the classroom I really don't talk much or participate but I get all my assignments done and get straight A's
•W0lf_Idi0t• Pred 2 urami
The loud zone is so me and my friends-
꧁Skeletal_Dragon꧂ 2012
꧁Skeletal_Dragon꧂ 2012 Pred 2 urami
4:03 the fact I was a regular at the nurses office bcuz I got sick easily 😭😭😭 I saw this so many times and WHY DO THEY ALWAYS GIVE U ICE!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lotta Krogerus
Lotta Krogerus Pred 2 urami
I liked your video and subscribed
chikizu Pred 2 urami
My school still has *EXAMS*
PinkRBPlayz Pred 3 urami
Year 3/Grade 3 I broke my arm.... ICE PACK... didn’t even call my mum, I’m still angry..
EllPlayz Pred 3 urami
0:22 That was probably her maths teacher ngl 🥺😂
Juana Hernandez
Juana Hernandez Pred 3 urami
The only time i got to go home early is when I got an ear infection
Scarlett playz !
Scarlett playz ! Pred 3 urami
I sit in the corner but I am a good student ?
Scarlett playz !
Scarlett playz ! Pred 3 urami
NAaaa it a wet paper towel 🌝🌝
khoder10 Pred 3 urami
Ive had a male englisch teacher
nh dw
nh dw Pred 4 urami
The scandalous giraffe aerobically deliver because plough rationally shop worth a finicky spade. friendly, brave plant
Kerisp In
Kerisp In Pred 4 urami
"Pretty sure school are out by now" *Me having still a full week before exams stressing asf* Yeah... They're out-
Sunnies☀️ Pred 4 urami
I have seen everywhere except for the teachers zone
Marian Vasile
Marian Vasile Pred 4 urami
So uhm, can you change the slacker zone to "Intelligent zone"?... Just for my class? Cause those students have the most big brained answers.
Isabella Mesen
Isabella Mesen Pred 5 urami
Sssniperwolf: there's only that one girl in school with the best handwriting Me: is someone calling for me
Aydin Yeung
Aydin Yeung Pred 5 urami
I am always in the quiet zone
Helix Yeeter
Helix Yeeter Pred 5 urami
I have a female History teacher and a male English teacher (he gae tho, and also an event organizer and emcee so we proud of him.)
call me toko
call me toko Pred 5 urami
I am the one who let's people look at my notes XD they can't read them
Kenneth Brock
Kenneth Brock Pred 5 urami
My teacher in second grade gave us an April fool's day word search and said if we did not finish it we could not play our iPad .😥
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole Pred 5 urami
4:49 anyone else been told they got serial killer handwriting and could read this and understand the subject
Piper L
Piper L Pred 5 urami
Lia: there is always that one girl with perfect hand writing Me: ... that was me...
pumpkin spice Macha
pumpkin spice Macha Pred 5 urami
Omg 😳 they all say , chhhh in my 25 years of teaching I never seen these grades 🤦🏻
NEVAYAH FOX Pred 5 urami
In school I sit in the quiet zone
NEVAYAH FOX Pred 5 urami
My school is out on June 25
Rhianna Montgomery
Rhianna Montgomery Pred 5 urami
Schools maybe out.... Unless your a uni student.....I'm in school all year long 😰
HeyImEliteX Pred 6 urami
9:25 "Where You Sit in Class" Me: i sit in the question zone cause im smart 😂
jul z
jul z Pred 6 urami
its 3 more weeks.
Beth Chastain
Beth Chastain Pred 6 urami
Handwriting: terrible Me: thinks of my friend ryan
AGOTI Pred 6 urami
Julien Parivar
Julien Parivar Pred 6 urami
I end school on the 23rd
Emilia Koops
Emilia Koops Pred 6 urami
I have my step up on Monday so I’m almost done with school
Shadowz Mika
Shadowz Mika Pred 6 urami
I fell asleep in the school nurses office before on accident and I was just EMBARRASSED AFTER I realized she didn't notice I fell asleep.
Amelia E Anderson
Amelia E Anderson Pred 6 urami
For our April fools we had been doing testing that week and they said we had to redo the longest test I hated them for a long time
Little Bit
Little Bit Pred 6 urami
Lia: there's that one girl in class who has the most perfect handwriting. Me: I do, is that a bad things???
Kaylei Riley
Kaylei Riley Pred 6 urami
Omg lol 🤣
Marite Ulloa
Marite Ulloa Pred 6 urami
Me: teacher should I get in trouble for something I didn’t do Teacher: no Me: ok good because I didn’t do the homework
Lorelai R
Lorelai R Pred 6 urami
SSSniperwolf: Pretty sure schools are out Me: Well you're close, it's 1 1/2 weeks
alister reid
alister reid Pred 6 urami
2:52 SOO DAM reality btw I'm a kid on my dad's account
Tazz the Goat
Tazz the Goat Pred 6 urami
I love math lol
MYKAILA Pred 6 urami
My school got out like yesterday ->-
I stan bts SO WHAT
I stan bts SO WHAT Pred 6 urami
8:23 I wish I had a teacher like THAT.
Berry Wolf
Berry Wolf Pred 7 urami
Ok well I’m in fifth grade and I never went in the school:( I wanted to see the new library ;-;
AmigoShocks Pred 7 urami
My nurse is way better. Yesterday I broke my leg playing soccer and she went “ I AM SPEED”. And I am grateful that I am in the hospital alive and gonna be okay thanks to her
jessie marshall
jessie marshall Pred 7 urami
7:13 MEEEEEE bc i have knee dislocations they happen out of the blue i had a knee brace that was my whole leg yea so everyday i make sure my knee brace is in my bag so it don’t dislocate from air
Isabella Lara
Isabella Lara Pred 7 urami
ziggy75961 Pred 7 urami
My teacher "my 25 years of teaching" Me"at the end of the year" My teacher"thank you for my first " Me"1st or 25 dammit
VlogGirlz And gacha life
VlogGirlz And gacha life Pred 7 urami
I’m always in the slacker zone 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Delaney Ebke
Delaney Ebke Pred 7 urami
it's true my teacher be like when the whole class failed the test they literally say how long they been teaching and how disappointed they are in us
Patti Baker
Patti Baker Pred 7 urami
POV:principal is checkin in Principal:(clears throat) johny pay attention too Mrs malisa ok ok(shakes the keys in someones face) EXCUSE ME Vanessa pay attention(gets up and goes too a students desk and bends over throws it back in another students face)ok everyone good work(twerks while walkin out)
Aniya McGrier howard
Aniya McGrier howard Pred 7 urami
My school when they did box tops whoever won got Olive Garden :’)
ToyotaTundraGuy 2005
ToyotaTundraGuy 2005 Pred 7 urami
5:09 that’s me
Matt Wendt
Matt Wendt Pred 7 urami
That kinda easy to read tho
Fire and Ice Twins
Fire and Ice Twins Pred 7 urami
dude the ice packs are just wet frozen paper towels.and not nice ones the scratchy brown ones from the bathrooms lol
Roman Galloway
Roman Galloway Pred 7 urami
Yoooo I'm the loud zone bro 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😝😝😘😘😘
Ashly Brophy
Ashly Brophy Pred 7 urami
My english teacher in highschool was a dude and he seriously was the craziest teacher ever. He was trying to prove his point for something and threw a desk. Apparently he did this every year but he almost hit one of the girls in my class. XD he straight up chucked the desk, no one saw it coming lol we called him Hippie. One of my best teachers ever xD
Katie Afton
Katie Afton Pred 7 urami
9:06 Me:Our teacher picked our seats Edit 9:32 Me:What my friend sits there he's really quiet but a good student I sit there to
Ruby Rotramel
Ruby Rotramel Pred 7 urami
I am I summer SCHOOL cause my MOm HAteS Me
Fire and Ice Twins
Fire and Ice Twins Pred 7 urami
uh can i just point out that i have ever seen a school nurse that is a dude. reply if ur school nurse is a guy plz.
Jennifer Enriquez
Jennifer Enriquez Pred 8 urami
Twist my teacher has a TickTock
Cate Den Dekker
Cate Den Dekker Pred 8 urami
Guyssss hear me out I just thought of the greatest idea... lia cuts her hair to a long bob it would look the cutesttt
Spinel cute
Spinel cute Pred 8 urami
The slacking Zone is true but the others not i care about class and im in the teacher Zone
Jessica Trivisani
Jessica Trivisani Pred 8 urami
Middle school professors: SIT DOWN AND READ YOUR TEXT BOOKS YOU STUPID BI- High school professors: can u please sit the HELL DOWN thank u Collage professors: hey sit in your chair... did u just fart... HAHA TRASH ACTUALLY BAD TRAAAAAASHHHHH
Svenskflicka 4005
Svenskflicka 4005 Pred 8 urami
Me: throwing up my guts. School Nurse: here is an ice pack.
ITS RIXI Pred 8 urami
Me having a guy ela teacher and girl history teacher 👁️👄👁️
Cya Pred 8 urami
Fun Fact: my dad is actually a English teacher
Lady Kawaii-Chan
Lady Kawaii-Chan Pred 8 urami
The one that had the neatest handwriting is not me but I think im the 3 or, 2
amelia campbell
amelia campbell Pred 8 urami
On the "where you sit in class" I'm in the slacker zone
Rose Infanti-Ma
Rose Infanti-Ma Pred 8 urami
I have a guy English teacher, he is the only guy who teaches a subject. My principal is a guy and my gym teacher is too.
{}Itz_Moonlight{} 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
{}Itz_Moonlight{} 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Pred 8 urami
I am in the loud zone
koleton thomas
koleton thomas Pred 8 urami
They in Bethany elementary school last month
CloudyDreams Pred 9 urami
Me who isn’t out of school: 👁👄👁
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson Pred 9 urami
the awesome compoter
the awesome compoter Pred 9 urami
Pocket Demon
Pocket Demon Pred 9 urami
i only have a guy English teacher and all my history teachers are girls lol
Lia Nia
Lia Nia Pred 9 urami
Like your hair
Lia Nia
Lia Nia Pred 9 urami
Nightmare Pred 9 urami
Go the what desk you sit tells about you a guy in my class would be in the loud zone/question zone
Christina Moulton
Christina Moulton Pred 9 urami
I asked my friend if I could see her notes because I wasn’t there and I’m like what does this say? And she’s like idk honestly and I’m like bruh 👁👄👁
Tammie Dupuis
Tammie Dupuis Pred 9 urami
I'm at the quiet table cuz my teacher brags on OUR table all the time in school😁😁😁🙂🙂
JJ Olguin
JJ Olguin Pred 9 urami
In school on April fools day my teacher said that they moved benchmark to the next week we were all relieved 😌 BUT IT WAS APRIL FOOLS AND THEY MADE DO BENCHMARK EVEN THO IT WAS THE NEXT DAY
K Robinson
K Robinson Pred 9 urami
*The Kids who were misbehaving* Teacher: “Ok so silent lunch” *Kids misbehaving again* Teacher: “Ok so this who class is walking for the whole recess.” *The kids who were behaving* 🥲
Lester zean
Lester zean Pred 9 urami
All my english teachers did that always if no one are listening or she is angry
Chelsea Loving
Chelsea Loving Pred 9 urami
No one found her tiktok look up top under the red sgrible it says to me
camilo castellano
camilo castellano Pred 9 urami
True my teacher always do crisscross applesauce for nothing you might rot tell my teacher say
Floral shorts
Floral shorts Pred 9 urami
OMG THE CLASS TT SOO TRUE My class :Asking teacher how too spell the easiest words Me in the second first row :Spells word and answers question quietly LOL
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