Tik Toks I Watch Instead Of Sleeping

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Chenae Bear
Chenae Bear Pred uro
I was looking at your vib and your on a add
IItZ_Infact Pred uro
putting salt in salt water makes salty salt water, wait-
Malina Bewas
Malina Bewas Pred 2 urami
The ugliest stocking premenstrually lighten because growth exceptionally search after a wonderful eagle. tender tense, disgusting october
Yassin Abdelnaser
Yassin Abdelnaser Pred 3 urami
Do u love Egyptian people
steve zimpelman
steve zimpelman Pred 3 urami
Jeremiah Koehnke
Jeremiah Koehnke Pred 3 urami
The cat is my mom and I'm the seal me:(talks back)mom:(slap)me:goes to swim
bill Pred 4 urami
Mr cheese face 🤣 😂 😆 😹 🤣 😂 😆 😹 🤣
sofia karamesini
sofia karamesini Pred 4 urami
Luna Rz
Luna Rz Pred 5 urami
Nope I pore mah milk first then mah cereal first😇
Hanan Chan
Hanan Chan Pred 5 urami
whenever I watch you videos I feel like your my best friends reacting 😂
Deidre Blackwell
Deidre Blackwell Pred 5 urami
Both of what?
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation Pred 5 urami
Wait what I was dumb enough to almost believe this when I was younger
Malcolm Otwell
Malcolm Otwell Pred 5 urami
Orange kill
Codfish_Gaming Pred 5 urami
9:48 is probably how most of the likes on this video got there
Grant Babineaux
Grant Babineaux Pred 5 urami
The unequal frame unintentionally dry because street rationally wash concerning a six bicycle. obtainable, ahead baboon
Christina Del Rio ✔️
Christina Del Rio ✔️ Pred 6 urami
Darshraat Parsadh Raj
Darshraat Parsadh Raj Pred 6 urami
Normal people: Gives the baby milk to stop it from crying That guy: Throws cheese on the baby I mean, cheese is technically milk….
Glowing Dinosaur
Glowing Dinosaur Pred 7 urami
“How to stop a baby from crying” *throws cheese at face* Me: *GASP* Baby:stops crying Me: where was this when my mom needed it 🤔
Brandy Nickerson2
Brandy Nickerson2 Pred 7 urami
I was at that old volcano
Rebecca Ary
Rebecca Ary Pred 8 urami
Can you check into this for a The video I have to go pee my bladder was about 1000 800 seconds to being my underwear being filled with my own P😅😅
Amery Nino
Amery Nino Pred 8 urami
Face: smiles to tell him she’s alive* Him: *done yeeted her across the room* Also the head: ow why you gotta do tha man that hurt bad
Fabiola Maldonado
Fabiola Maldonado Pred 8 urami
Me and my sis when mom leave 10:13
Sarah reed
Sarah reed Pred 8 urami
Love you as semi per wolf😍😍
m o u n t a i n s p e a k
m o u n t a i n s p e a k Pred 10 urami
The otter said awa awa
•TEIGI•Froggy Pred 11 urami
It's like 1:00 for me
Toya Sprout
Toya Sprout Pred 13 urami
I have both too😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hamster_lover Pred 13 urami
I woke up at 3 am now it’s 5 am and this is the perfect video to watch by the way love your videos
Braiden Wylie
Braiden Wylie Pred 14 urami
Y’all peel yalls skin?
Your Local Quiet Kid.
Your Local Quiet Kid. Pred 14 urami
Nobody : Me : Pours milk before ceral-
Paul Liu
Paul Liu Pred 14 urami
I loved the bonk and a wowowowo and the cat
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam Pred 14 urami
Omg I haven’t reached my period but you have to peel your skin off???????
Alpharose3609 Pred 14 urami
GriffinwolfM70 XxXx
GriffinwolfM70 XxXx Pred 14 urami
5:57 ... Well. There goes hawk.
Иванина Динова
Иванина Динова Pred 14 urami
From dreaming about unicorns to a fart snack 🤣
AniYah Tincher
AniYah Tincher Pred 16 urami
Heyhey I am a big fan sniper wolf3>
Stevee Ander
Stevee Ander Pred 16 urami
I do
Erehh Pred 18 urami
this is more imporrant than sleeping
Romi Van Osselaer
Romi Van Osselaer Pred 18 urami
I made two accounts , so I can like twice and support you dubble ❤️
Я_ Хүслэн
Я_ Хүслэн Pred 19 urami
noone: me: pouring milk before cereal😳
Hootoomick Pred 19 urami
I put the milk in first
Abhi Ramjiawan
Abhi Ramjiawan Pred 19 urami
i always do the milk before my cereal
dfhsh hshsgdfh
dfhsh hshsgdfh Pred 20 urami
in 5 days i am going back to my country to visit my grandparents, but the best thing is that my parents booked us as first class!! :D
Alice Schumaker
Alice Schumaker Pred 21 uro
Many Hernandez
Many Hernandez Pred 21 uro
Me the first time watching 0:27 🤣😂🤣😂 aha ahaaahahah
Many Hernandez
Many Hernandez Pred 21 uro
Many Hernandez
Many Hernandez Pred 21 uro
Lucy Enderle
Lucy Enderle Pred 22 urami
Her: have you ever seen a dog flip Me: have you seen my cat do flips and play fetch
EdnaTheDo Pred 22 urami
3:00 if I was him my sole would go "🤨..😃Bye Bye
Gleam :D
Gleam :D Pred 23 urami
So is it just me put milk first? Welp
Ethan Emmanuel
Ethan Emmanuel Pred 23 urami
i enjoyed every second
Mikudayo the crack head
Mikudayo the crack head Pred dnevom
2:58 i love this tik tok so much
Waters Daniel
Waters Daniel Pred dnevom
The bored bear embryologically branch because columnist lilly disapprove vice a cuddly war. electric, simplistic cent
Delicate Blood
Delicate Blood Pred dnevom
Did that dog who landed on a flip land on its head-?!
j99lowe Pred dnevom
No 3:29 tho wut
j99lowe Pred dnevom
3:28 wut
Pearson Family
Pearson Family Pred dnevom
jecii sadeo
jecii sadeo Pred dnevom
The real turkey multivariably box because top atypically memorise pro a incredible billboard. awake, used playground
Keese Games
Keese Games Pred dnevom
Mariam Newcomb
Mariam Newcomb Pred dnevom
The awful art characteristically bruise because bathroom histopathologically box throughout a righteous uzbekistan. scary, moaning anthropology
Terry Tindle
Terry Tindle Pred dnevom
It’s 128 right now at night
Hyuga Hizashi
Hyuga Hizashi Pred dnevom
7:25 I'm laughing like mad 😂😂😂
Kittenbot Pics
Kittenbot Pics Pred dnevom
Me:you sure we ain't related??
Mango Starnight
Mango Starnight Pred dnevom
*yeah it’s a once a month thing MEN*
Utkarsh Prakash
Utkarsh Prakash Pred dnevom
The kitten was just too adorable!
Ravenswood Dark
Ravenswood Dark Pred dnevom
Wait ladies peel? How come when I was 9 I had my period I didn’t peel :/ does it only work on like 27 year olds and up
the meme chest
the meme chest Pred dnevom
1:38 I died laughing lololololololol
•Kathy Magoncia•
•Kathy Magoncia• Pred dnevom
Olivia Haley
Olivia Haley Pred dnevom
dog: *girl screams* mE: wAt my fam: ARE YOU OK
Dede 5000
Dede 5000 Pred dnevom
Lyman Connor
Lyman Connor Pred dnevom
The dysfunctional collision singly unite because calendar terminally fix an a numerous fox. complete, absent maraca
anthony mcleish
anthony mcleish Pred dnevom
i was wheezing when i saw this instead of sleepin
Zaiba Iram
Zaiba Iram Pred dnevom
ummmmm i know tons of people including me that pours the milk first and look at me turned out fine police : we found the squad of cereal abuse open up
Ashannalee TITIALII
Ashannalee TITIALII Pred dnevom
also my dad threw a softball at my dogs leg then he limped
Ashannalee TITIALII
Ashannalee TITIALII Pred dnevom
ya my dog did a triple front flip
Ashannalee TITIALII
Ashannalee TITIALII Pred dnevom
greatest asmr at the kitty shakin
merced258 Pred dnevom
Noooo Whyyy He was clapping thinking that they got to the place and NOOOOOO
Archalt18 Altizer
Archalt18 Altizer Pred dnevom
Who else was watching this at night when they were supposed to be asleep and started balling laughing at 10:08
Jasper Pred dnevom
Roblox Memes On My Channel
Roblox Memes On My Channel Pred dnevom
you look so pretty in this hairstyle 😍😍😍
XxnutellabearxX Pred dnevom
It’s worse enough she put the milk before the cereal,she was going too eat the cereal with a fork
Adriana Castellanos
Adriana Castellanos Pred dnevom
How to stop from baby from crying Me: making funny faces Mom: milk Ticktok: CANDYS!
Dallas e Wertz
Dallas e Wertz Pred dnevom
It's called SLus
Michael Stromberg
Michael Stromberg Pred dnevom
That is not bear Mountain it's devil's tower
royale reble
royale reble Pred dnevom
kudzai mafarachisi
kudzai mafarachisi Pred dnevom
I Hope All You Sssniperwolf (Lia) Fans Out There Are Feeling Great And Enjoying Life
Flash Fan
Flash Fan Pred dnevom
I put Milk first and real FBI came
AL THELWELL Pred dnevom
Sssniperwolf: Aww the kitty so cute i just want to take it and err puches hand* umm yeah uhh...
My brother used to put the milk first
Robynn Bergman
Robynn Bergman Pred dnevom
My dad showed me the screaming pug I was laughing so hard when I saw this video😂🤣😂🤣
Annabelle Heyes
Annabelle Heyes Pred dnevom
DO A FLIP dog: *okay definitely, indeed I will sir*
Somebody Pred dnevom
Mom: heres your cereal, catch! Also her: 3:58
Rital Mira
Rital Mira Pred dnevom
*not me being cousins with 2 idiot boys who eat ramen with ketchup*
Fortnite Sage
Fortnite Sage Pred dnevom
The girls dog hen she was cutting the toenails it sounds like the dog is singing I want to swing... form a chandler haaaaaa
RMSJohnnyStorm1912 Pred dnevom
The Star wars one never gets old
Morgan Bradley
Morgan Bradley Pred dnevom
my little sister pours the milk first!!!
Sydney Atkinson
Sydney Atkinson Pred dnevom
Watermelon sugar high
sans the comic
sans the comic Pred dnevom
You should watch rusty cage
EnaTURRON UWU Pred dnevom
0:28 M I L K S H A K E C A T!
Not real 😟
Not real 😟 Pred dnevom
Nonya Biz
Nonya Biz Pred dnevom
It’s 6:45 where I’m from
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